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Departure DateAirportDurationTour NameTour AvailabilityOffer
01/12/2017Dublin2 nightsIdyllic LaplandNot Available-
03/12/2017Dublin2 nightsIdyllic LaplandNot Available-
05/12/2017Dublin3 nightsLapland LullabyLimited-
08/12/2017Dublin3 nightsLapland LullabyNot Available-
11/12/2017Dublin2 nightsIdyllic LaplandNot Available-
13/12/2017Dublin3 nightsLapland LullabyNot Available-
17/12/2017Dublin1 dayEnchanting LaplandNot Available-
30/11/2018Dublin3 nightsLapland LullabyAvailable-
03/12/2018Dublin2 nightsIdyllic LaplandAvailable-
05/12/2018Dublin3 nightsLapland LullabyAvailable-
08/12/2018Dublin2 nightsIdyllic LaplandAvailable-
10/12/2018Dublin3 nightsLapland LullabyAvailable-

While this chart is updated regularly, for up to the minute availability please check with the Reservations Team. To book call Ireland: (01) 6770776 or UK 01923 822388


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