Snow Conditions

in Lapland


Snow Update

Updated: Friday 7th December 2018

Enchanting Lapland One Day Tour

There has been a good level of fresh snowfall in the Enontekio region throughout this week.
The temperature is sitting at around minus 8 to minus 10 degrees this weekend so most reassuringly, the snow will stay and fresh snowfall is expected daily.

All activities on location will go ahead, as planned; the decision to offer the transfer by skidoo and sleigh safari will be taken only the evening before each tour – this is a track that runs through tundra beside the lake and the local head guide will inspect the track and make his decision based on the safety of our customers. If the track is not compact enough for the heavy sleighs to glide smoothly, a coach transfer will be offered. Transfer will also be by coach when temperatures drop below minus 26 degrees – again a matter of client safety.

However, in this case, a snowmobile and sleigh safari will be offered on location (in addition to the ride across to see Santa) to ensure that all customers get to enjoy this activity).

We trust our supplier to do the right thing, your safety is our first concern and sleighs tip easily when snow is not deep, solid and compact.

Have a fabulous time in Lapland!


Luosto/Pyha Update

The difficulties surrounding the poor weather conditions of last weekend in Lapland are now coming to an end.

Tours are now operating in both Pyha and Luosto with good snowfall over the past 3/4 days.

Tracks for husky safaris and snowmobile sleighs are still being worked on, this is ongoing because despite the lovely snow, our suppliers are starting again from scratch and this takes time. There may still be adaptations for husky safaris’ for the next few days.

Reassuringly, the snow is certainly here to stay and all activities – reindeer, husky, Elf House , children’s snowmobiles, the Magical Post Office etc are all continuing.


Jacqui Banham
Managing Director


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